Learning to Sail With Abu Dhabi Sailing Academy

“A ship is safe in the harbour, but that is not what ships are built for”-with this inspiration from John Augustus Shedd I decided to learn the art of sailing with Abu Dhabi Sailing Academy.

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Yes Marina, Abu Dhabi at night

Sailing has always appeared to be something from a different, more beautiful world to me. A sport that is so dreamy and magical, that brings man closer to nature is nothing but a poetic challenge.

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Historically, sailing was a gentlemen’s thing to do and ladies merely enjoyed the ride. Today, there are more and more women joining the sport and becoming serious sailors.

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Thanks to Abu Dhabi Sailing Academy, i had a chance to enjoy a beginner’s class that revealed the world of wind, sails and beautiful sun kissed people.

One of them is Miguel, pro racer and the founder of AD Sailing Academy. “God of sailing” as one of ny friends, Peter calls him. Indeed, it wasa great honour to learn from a man with such vast experience and whose passion is simply contagious.

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His wife, Izabela, told me more about the lifestyle of sailing and how it helps to meet interesting people who appreciate a weekend outdoor. She also shared how sailing shaped their holidays-instead of staying in a hotel, they rent a bigger sailboat and sail from harbour to harbour. What a beautiful way to experience a country at your own convenience while staying so close to the nature!

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I had a chance to control the direction of the boat, which was very exciting. Feeling the sail catch the wind is one of the most beautiful experiences I had. It reminded me of the first time to go windsurfing, which combines also felt very elevating.

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It is pretty fascinating to be in the sea and to be a part of it, with no engine noise polluting the ambience. Yas Marina area is a great location as well thanks to it edgy architecture and beautiful harbour. Miguel explained the importance of a point of reference in navigating. I had fun picking my own or following the buildings he described to me.

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Sailing would not be possible without the wind.  Understanding its direction and strength and ability to adjust sails accordingly is essential to becoming a skilful sailor. Once I take the beginner’s license, I’ll be able to share some techniques with you but for now let’s be happy with understanding that it is not magic but the wind moves the boat 🙂

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Sailing quickly grew on me as I love being on the water. I also love the way it brings people together as sailors work as a team, dividing tasks and helping each other. I can’t wait to continue my sailing journey and one day, who knows, you may call me “captain Slava”.

To try sailing or sign up for a full course, head to the FB page of Abu Dhabi Sailing Academy

And remember, the winds will take you there as long as you know your destination and are brave enough to leave the shore.


Slava(soon a captain to be)


2 thoughts on “Learning to Sail With Abu Dhabi Sailing Academy

  1. Kelly Turpin

    Good on you! Sail is wonderfully liberating… My husband and I live on our sailboat full-time. We are cruising S E Asia at the moment. We love sailing and hope you have many happy day sailing also. Have fun in your sailing lessons.

    1. Slava Noor Post author

      Oh thank you Kelly! My partner and i are discussing the possibility to live on a sailboat one day so ill come to you with a thousand of questions ⚓️⚓️⚓️

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