“Art 4 Ocean” Project

“Art 4 Ocean”  project started during my trip to the Maldives as a response to the problem of the ocean pollution. With the students of a local school of the Thulusdhoo island we discussed various problems surrounding pollution and ways of reducing it on both a personal and community levels. Since it is a known fact that people protect what they love, we explored the beauty of the underwater animals and expressed it through personal and group art work. The response was amazing which urged me to continue the project in UAE so i carried on with it  while teaching Art during the summer camp organised by Level Up Skills.
The MISSION of this project is to raise the awareness of the current situation and bring communities together through environmental and art workshops, exhibitions and festivals.
Our DREAM is to have a healthier Ocean which we plan to achieve together, one painting at a time.


maldives diaries-0331-2perspective project-0217perspective -5660perspective -5667perspective -5645 perspective project-0163perspective -5639


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