Baby Turtle Release in Dubai

The calendar is showing that today is the World Ocean Day and I would love to share my story of celebrating my endless affection for the Blue.


As many of you may know, this is the season when Turtles’ eggs hatch and little ones start their first journey to the Ocean. We all see inspirational posters online with these green cuties on them. How excited I was to be invited to participate in a baby turtle release myself!


Quite a few volunteers showed up, both adults and kids and everyone worked together to weigh and measure the little turtles. On average, every turtle is just 7-9 grams and 5-6 cm in length.



When turtles are born, their eyes are still closed yet they are full of energy and can find their way into the sea by the smell of the water.


It is important for them to find the way to the water on their own, using built-in natural GPS system so that many years after when they grow up, they will return to the same shore.


It is so magical to see the babies make their first steps, first turning left and right or even rotating until they finally find their way and get carried away by the waves!

See this video to witness the first baby steps for yourself,

Happy World Ocean Day!

Slava Noor

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