Ballooning in Dubai, UAE

Ballooning in Dubai is by far one of the most fantastic things I encountered as a blogger. Read on to know more about my exciting adventure.

First, a bit of history.

The first balloon carrying human passengers flew in the sky in November 1783 in France when  brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier, paper manufacturers n Annonay, France noticed ash rising in paper fires and created one of the first balloon prototypes. The first flight lasted just 25 minutes and the brothers traveled over 5 miles rising up to 50 feet, watched by King Louis XVI and the excited crowd at the royal palace in Versaille. The first modern day hot air balloon was built in the UK in 1967 and was named Bristole Belle.

balloon web-0152

Today we have a luxury of trying this amazing experience here in Dubai, enjoying the view of the Sun rising over the mezmerizing desert of Dubai.

balloon web-0184

Bird’s view of Dubai Desert

Acrophobia, leave me alone!

As someone whose biggest phobia is that of heights, I always try to embrace it by pushing myself a little further so hopping on a colorful balloon was definitely the way to go.

balloon web-0173

Love is in the air.

Coincidentally, it was my amore’s birthday so what could be a better way to start the day than watching a stunning sunrise together? Determined to conquer the sky, we had to wake up as early as 5 am to reach the meeting point at 6 am to be picked and taken to the take off point. There we had a brief on safety and conduct during the flight by Peter, our pilot.

balloon web-0009

Boyle’s law in action

Then we hopped on one of the two balloons, each taking up to 20 people. Flying over the beautiful desert of Dubai was truly very thrilling. Although a bit scared at the take off and the beginning of the trip, I soon started to really enjoy my time once I felt the basket was stable and safe.


Our captain Peter who is equally experienced in flying ginormous balloons and making the guests smile, was making our journey even more special. It is quite rare to see people as passionate about what they do and is very contagious!


Peter, the guru pilot of Ballooning UAE

Creating photo master pieces

Since we all had “the window seat” according to Peter, we enjoyed clicking away as the sun was rising. I was using my Nikon D5300 which is always my first choice for blogging.

balloon web-0167

I managed to get some silhouettes like this

balloon web-0060

Balloon sunrise in Dubai

And also some lighter and brighter shots like this

balloon web-0139

and this..

balloon web-0103

Color my sunrise

Look, here the balloons got photobombed by the moon!


Balloons and the moon

Everyone else enjoyed taking selfies and making snaps of the second ballon. When we landed we watched the balloom deflate and i managed to get a few more shots with the beautiful vibrant backdrop.

balloon web-0186

…and a picture with Peter, our amazing Pilot

balloon web-0192

I was extremely happy to choose Balloon Adventures as my guides to the sky and can’t wait to do it again!

To book your own trip to the sky, head to and enjoy!

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