Seafood Brunch at Moana, Sofitel

When it comes to food, I am quite difficult to impress as I come from a family where cooking plays a big role and many world  cuisines are present. I am also a health freak so I tend to select  restaurants extremely well. When I was invited to check out the restaurant Moana at Sofitel, Palm Jumeirah, I got very excited as many online reviews described it as a perfect place for seafood lovers.

The brunch has more than twenty dishes served in order starting from cold appetizers to hot appetizers, the main course and then desert. All the food was brought to us so we could sit back and relax completely.


Then the food indulgence started-plates appeared on the table one after another and we were anxious to try each of them. I quite enjoyed the sushi selection, it was basic but fresh and delicious.


Salmon tartare was also very tender and equisite.constantin-0688

When you date an italian, you become a pro in tasting mozzarella. I can ensure you that what you see on the pic is an extremely fresh and tender delight that goes extremely well with the pesto sauce. It was so good I did not want to share it!



I must also add that the non alcoholic mocktails that we drank throughout the meal wer every refreshing. I especially liked the passion fruit mojito that seemed to be a perfect match with most dishes as it was very light and refreshing.


When the hot appetisers were served, I started with the seafood soup that definitely did not disappoint and then  moved to the crispy fish. constantin-0695

The main course consisted of grilled atlantic sea bass, pave of halibut, squid thai curry, spinach ricotta ravioli and chargrilled king prawns.


My favorite was the seabass . I loved everything about it from the presentation to the crispy texture to the lovely soft taste.
The curry was also really pleasant with the soft coconut sauce and asian spices.

We had to take a little walk around to let the food settle before the desert. The area was sooo beautiful that i could not resist taking a few pictures.

When we returned to our table, we were served the dessert. I liked the selection that combined chocolate and fruit, sour and sweet flavours. I ordered jasmine tea and my partner took a cappuccino, a perfect way to finish the meal.


What is great is that brunch comes with complimentary beach access so we had some time to relax and digest before going on a little SUP adventure.

Final verdict: a great value for money, amazing ambience and lovely food. A must try for seafood lovers 🙂

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