Dive Against Debris at Hilton al Hamra

Ocean pollution is an important issue worldwide and we have to unite as a community to tackle this issue.I am happy to see that not only the governments take stronger measure against plastic pollution but also companies and communities do their part in saving the oceans for the future generations.

A passionate diver myself, I make it a point to collect any trash I encounter on every single dive and try my best to encourage the others to do the same. I am happy to see more and more events across UAE that aim to educate both divers and general public and protect the beaches and the sea.

Hilton Al Hamra Beach & Golf Resort hosted a ‘Dive Against Debris’ in partnership with Project AWARE®, a global movement powered by a community of adventurers created by PADI with the purpose of ocean protection and conservation. The activation in Ras Al Khaimah saw 50 divers join forces for a volunteer underwater clean-up in the U.A.E, with the aim not only to clean the identified dive site, but also to conduct surveys of the findings, in order to aid future research and initiatives. 


The day began at 7:30am when volunteer divers briefed by the safety team before being equipped with bags and gloves, they collected over 100kg of litter from 2km of the seabed, during the two-hour underwater clean-up. With an estimated 8 billion kilograms of plastic waste entering the world’s ocean from coastal regions each year, the activation hopes to raise awareness and inspire participation amongst the local community.

 Teo Brambilla, regional manager of PADI

Teo Brambilla, regional manager of PADI

Emille Artigas, the project leader from Hilton said, “Our message and passions are clear – our sole purpose is to make a difference. We want to protect the fragile marine environment, share the importance of reef ecosystems and contribute to the longevity of this beautiful underwater kingdom.”

Another successful event powered by PADI

I truly hope that other hotels across UAE will follow the example of Hilton and commit to preserving the beautiful nature of UAE.

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