Horse Riding in Dubai and Almaty

Horses have always attracted me and living in Dubai made me fall in love with these beautiful and extremely intelligent animals even more. Arabian horses are famous around the world for their elegant beauty and our beloved city hosts one of the most internationally anticipated events – Dubai World Cup. Horse riding is an important part of emarati heritage and culture with many emarati artists have glorified horses in their paintings and poems.

True Friendship

True Friendship

You do not need to be a professional jokey to enjoy horse riding. Lucky people who have local friends with their own horses can enjoy spending a good time at a private stable, both understanding how horses are kept, groomed and riding them. There are also quite a few public stables in every emirate that offer classes for adults and children of different levels.

Dubai blogger slava Noor horse riding on the beach

Nothing like a day out on a horse!

If you decide to have a different experience from regular riding, you can try swimming with horses. It may sound a bit odd at first and yet horses, just like many other animals ingluding dogs, are natural swimmers when their instincts kick in! In the wild, they and their “wild cousins” zebras can even cross rivers if needed to survive. Specially trained horses really enjoy their time in the water and make it a truly unforgettable experience for us humans.

Who knew horses were secret mermaids?

Who knew horses were secret mermaids?

I had a chance to try it myself at the Jeble Ali Golf Resort where the horse riding instructor Nadine explained how to behave myself with a horse and how to move into and inside the water.  The horse was well behaved and gentle and it was quite easy to ride it into the sea. I was extremely happy as water is my element and swimming next to a horse was simply surreal! I never had this much fun and I could not stop smiling! I would definitely recommend this experience both to pro riders and anyone who is just starting their horse adventure.

Sweet Dreams photo shoot

Sweet Dreams photo shoot

I spent the entire August in my home city, Almaty, Kazakhstan and was happy to find a very good stable at the eco resort “Forest Tale” where I took a few classes. I enjoyed long talks with my instructor Alexander as he told me that every horse had its own character and beauty and therefore required its own way of treatment. I was taught basics of horseriding from getting into the saddle, having good posture, moving and stopping. Safety is of great importance as well and a rider must always keep distance to avoid getting kicked. It seemed to be a alot to sink in yet I enjoyed every bit of the learning process.

The best thing about it were long horseback walks in the mountains. A horse could get us to really distant untouched places where it is quite difficult to get on foot. Therebwere different routes that varied based on distance and difficulty.

My husband and I started off with easier routes in the fields and gradually moved to the more challenjing passages where we had to cross rivers and walk on the edge of cliffs! As a reward we had many beautiful views and loads of pictures taken. I can never forget the silent moments in the endless green as I was never as close to nature as then…

Dubai blogger Slava Noor horse riding in Almaty

Horse Riding In Almaty with Marco

My husband and I both love horses so much that we had to involve these beauties in our wedding shoot when we got married in the beginning of september!

Slava Noor and Marco Piccozzi wedding shoot

Our Fairy Tale Wedding Shoot

I am pretty sure this new hobby of mine will continue as once you fall in love with these gentle animals, they will caltivate your heart forever.

Dubai blogger Slava Noor horse riding at Jebel Ali resort, dubai, UAE

Forever Love

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