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What can be better than a sunny day spent on the beach? A sunny day spent doing all the fun water sports like windsurfing, kayaking, flyboarding and even sailing! As a girl, i want to do all the things guys do but bring the feminine touch to it. This is why I wear dresses and choose to wear make up from time to time, especially for the shoots.


As you can imagine, not all make up can withstand the hard outdoor conditions. Naturally we sweat in the heat which affects many foundations and other types of coverage. Water creates additional problems, posing a threat to your eye shadow and mascara.

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A logical answer is the waterproof makeup, but how to select the best products among so many available? I would like to share my personal favourite, INGLOT. I have been using their waterproof make up for over a year now and can’t imagine my outdoor days without the products.

yas web-0595This is one of my favourite looks, the mermaid style: pearls in the hair, blue on my eye and pink on my lips. It is a perfect summer look that is easy to achieve in a short time, giving amazing photo results!


So what did I use? I use a make up base that has SPF 20,concealer,  foundation and powder to lock it. This time I put extra effort into the eyes.  I started with the waterproof eyeshadow base, followed by standard blue eye shadow and then the blue pigment that added the shine. I used the gel eye liner to open up the eyes – the trick was to use a very fine brush to make a thin and defined line. The final touch is done by the mascara, which stays unaffected by water or heat and is suitable even for sensitive eyes like mine. For lips I used the water proof lip stick, going for the bright pink. Normally I would use a lip balm first to make sure my lips are hydrated and protected and do not crack from the Sun. sea you web-0403

These are my beauty secrets, what are yours? Please share in the comments and see you soon in the Pink Zone!

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