7 Inspiring Talks That Will Change The Way You Look At Your Life


A talk that starts with the beautiful piano sounds and continues into questioning how much we really need to be happy. It also suggests that we must work together instead of focusing on individualism and building fences around ourselves.

Michael Roach shares his story of first  becoming the first foreign monk and then a successful businessmen to inspire anyone wanting to improve their life. He then explains the four step system which he developed which uses the laws of karma to achieve anything you want in life. Whether you dream of making millions, finding a love partner or becoming healthier, this eye-opening talk will definitely help you to achieve your goal.


This talk will take you on the journey of understanding yourself and finding a way to live a simple and happy life. It will urge you to ask yourself what do you really need to be happy and when enough is enough?

Our minds are far more powerful than we may think they are and Mikey Siegel explores how meditation can transform our lives. Backed by extensive research, this techie stresses the importance of meditation and inner development.



This talk is a must watch for every single woman losing hope in finding  the right man. It shows you a way to accept and love yourself fully and developing a happy healthy relationship with yourself before letting anyone else in your life.

This talk will urge you to “have the balls to follow your dreams” is just a dose of fun and inspiration! If you don’t fit in, do not  try to. Instead, embrace your unique talent and turn it into a life passion.

“You only job while you are here, on the planet is to be as good as being you as the others being them” is a message of this talk by Caroline McHugh that stresses accepting yourself and your unique talents. She asks “who do you think you are?” and invites us for a journey of self discovery.

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”
― C.S. Lewis,

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