La Perle with Sony Xperia

Dubai is known for world class attractions and shows and recently I had a chance to discover La Perle, inspired by Dubai itself.

La Perle is a combination of breath taking stunts, stunning light and water show paired with live orchestra. Produced by Dragone, who has fathered Cirque de Soleil, the show is a wild dream come true.

It has quickly gained its popularity both among locals and tourists visiting Dubai.

To make my experience even more special, Sony ME has provided me and 5 other bloggers with the latest Sony Xperia phone to capture the show. It was very exciting to unwrap a new phone and I immediately fell in love with its elegant color and design

Once we configured our phones, we were taken on a behind the scenes tour. It was super exciting to see the performers’ gym, dance studio and even changing rooms! We were shown their colorful costumes, saw the pool and watched the bikers rehearse one of the coolest parts of the show – the Globe of Death.

After having some fun checking out the phone’s features and practicing our skills before the show started, we headed for a quick dinner at Zogo. A healthy meal consisting of guacamole and veg fajitas and we were ready for the show.

Once the show started, we faced a difficult challenge and not a technical one. Should we focus on taking a perfect shot or enjoy the performance and let it draw us in and absorb us fully? I found the solution in splitting the time between just watching the show, then doing short live videos for my followers and creating still shots of the show.

The low light conditions were a bit tricky to create a perfect shot but the manual feature allowed to adjust ISO according to the light conditions helped a lot.

Capturing moving performers doing their insanely scary and fast tricks was another challenge but controlling the shutter speed manually helped quite a bit. I am quite happy with this shot as we can see the artist’s physique clearly.

Another treat for my creativity was the panorama feature. It helped to capture the grandeur of the entire venue and worked well in the low light. I finally had the Instagram-worthy shot I was proud of 😍

To conclude, I am very happy with the quality of images the Xperia XZ Premium produced due to its advanced control options. It took a little time adjusting to since I do not use android phones but was easy to figure out. I think it is a great phone for people who love not only taking photos but also having more control and tools for their creativity.

And as per the show, you have to see La Perle yourself as no words can accurately describe the magic spell it bestows on the audience ❤️

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