“My Ramadan” Photo Project

“MY Ramadan” is a photo project that I started years ago with the goal of sharing the spirit of Ramadan in UAE and around the world. The project quickly grew attracting both professional and aspiring photographers and resulted in a few exhibitions. This is the fifth edition of the project and we are partnering with Dubizzle to share some of the best images with our community.

"Brotherhood", My Ramadan Photo Project

“Brotherhood”, My Ramadan Photo Project

Every day a new image taken by one of the UAE Goodwill Photographers will be featured on the home page of Dubizzle. I will be curating the photo selection process and all photographers are

11406293_834552493290040_3323415693410365577_owelcome to submit simply by emailing me at slava@uaegoodwill.com.


Follow the project on the “My Ramadan” Project page 

Hope you will enjoy the collection,

Ramadan Kareem

Slava Noor

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