Three Step Make Up Removal Routine by Neutrogena

Most women nowadays know how to use make up to highlight their beautiful features and conceal imperfections. However, Β not all know how to remove the make up in the end of the day, keeping skin clean and healthy.

Neutrogena is the answer to enjoying wearing even heavy, water proof make up and keeping your skin healthy by cleansing it thoroughly.

When I first got my 3 step kit, i was a bit skeptical about the product’s efficiency against water proof make up that I normally use. After all, I am used to making a few “rounds” of using a face wash, make up removing cremes or lotions and a special lotion to remove the mascara.

How wrong I was! With the first step, the make up removing wipes, my skin breathed immediately as nearly all make up was gone.

The second step was the cream based gel which penetrates skin deeply to make sure it gets cleansed on the deepest level. I could also feel that my skin was fresh and elastic, with no grease left at all.

The last step was the eye make up removal. It managed to remove my waterproof mascara extremely easily, I applied very light pressure and did not need to rub my eyes as I had to before.

Since my skin is often irritated and i get breakouts, I use ice cubes to calm it down and to close the pores after cleansing. Do not forget to use a good night cream before going to sleep to keep your skin hydrated.
Verdict: I am very impressed with Neutrogena and the three step make up removing routine is definitely much better than washing your face with soaps or overdrying it with lotions.

You have a unique chance to win a full set and try it yourself simply by commenting here WHY you should win and sharing with your friends on FB.
Good luck, mermaids!

Stay beautiful,

Slava Noor

10 thoughts on “Three Step Make Up Removal Routine by Neutrogena

  1. Fatema Noorudddin

    I also apply waterproof makeup. Primer, concealer, foundation, blush, highlighter, contour and setting spray! Aahhhh that builds up and with my one year old keeping me awake late hours I need something like this easy three step routine to remove my makeup easily. Hope to win pink fins πŸ˜€

  2. Hemangi Ramani

    I always have issues removing my mascara, I’m always scared about ripping my eyelashes out. I use Neutrogena face washes and they’ve done wonders to my skin, absolutely love and surely this 3 step routine will also do wonders to my skin.

    Liked and Shared with my friends! xo

  3. Dana Sadaf

    I decided to change my make-up style and now using black eyeliner, and make-up removal from Neutrogena help to remove it very easy and don’t irritate my eyes. So it would be great to win this set 😍

  4. Ahella

    I use cold pressed almond oil to remove all my makeup (it’s just mascara and blush) and then clean with a hot towel or just warm water. Almond oil works wonders. I also use bulgarian rose water when i want That little extra. Then i put Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate oil on the face and for the eye area kiehl’s rosa arctica eye cream.

  5. Elvira

    As a make up addict, especially with foundation and eye liners, at the end of the day it’s hard to remove all your beauty and not to dry the skin with soup. With above recommendations I would like to start using Neutrogena

  6. Navita

    My most favourite and easy peasy skin trick is gotten from my mum. When in a rush, the easiest way to brighten skin is taking a spoon of oatmeal mixed with rose water or milk…rub over face, massage and wash. Voila….u will glow! It’s a guarantee!!

  7. Zaitoon Hameed

    Health is wealth… So if Skin is Healthy we look fresh and young!!!
    So to keep it fresh and young Three step Make up removal from Neutrogena is good solution.
    As ageing my skin is getting dry and dark circles and patches.. I hope three step makeup removal may be a perfect solution to look my skin healthy.

  8. Hena Jacob

    First of all happy for sharing us with a wonderful solution which many of us today are facing in day to day life. Like, most ladies after heavy day I often use soap or face wash to remove my make up. I love wearing mascara but hate to remove it I usually gets burning pain on my eyelids ( as my skin is sensitive) from rubbing mascara off. As this is in pad form I hope this product will do wonders for me, hope I get chance to try and share more details with you. Following you on instagram shared on fb.

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