PADI Deep Diver and EANx Specializations

Once we start scuba diving, we continuously want to explore new places and seek greater depths. We often want to challenge our comfort zone by learning a new skill and doing a new specialization to prepare us for the next adventure. This is how my diving journey took me to the doorstep of H2O dive centre in Dahab, Egypt and I was excited to get two new specializations – PADI Deep Diver and Enriched Air.

Why Dive Deep?

The most apparent reason to me is that diving deep allows divers to explore wrecks that are often located below 30 meters. When I was in Dominican Republic, my dive to St. George was limited from the beginning as it was located at 35-45 meters. When I was staying on Rasdhoo island in Maldives, we did our 5 am hammerhead shark dives at 30 meters as it was sad we had a higher chance to see them much deeper.

The Deep Diver Manual by PADI also states that underwater photography lovers may enjoy the deep dives as they can find marine life and sceneries not available at shallow water.

Drift diving and recovering objects could be other reasons to start deep diving.

Enriched Air Nitrox specialization

It is one of the most popular specializations for a reason – it gives divers more no deco time which is especially handy on repeated dives. I found the course to be very interesting, although dealing with numbers was a bit intimidating at first.

What matters most is that after passing the theory test I was ready to analyze oxygen in my scuba tank on my own and understood how to manage oxygen exposure.

For a few years, I was happy to be diving up to thirty meters and finally I decided to take the next step and signed up for the Deep Diver course. I was extremely intrigued by the idea of increasing the depth and diving in the Red Sea. Alex from H2O recommended to take the Enriched Air Diver specialty together with the Deep Diver to extend bottom time.

Once we were through with the theory andpassed the Nitrox theory test, we went to do our first deep dives. I really enjoyed the dive site “Bells” and “Canyon” at the Blue Hole – an old time favorite dive site in Dahab among both recreational and tec divers. I felt both excited and a little anxious to go below thirty meters as I could see how quickly I was using my air.

We were given a simple task to do – write our name backwards, which i managed to fail ( I turned it into two tasks and wrote my name and swam backwards haha) and stayed what it seemed to be just a few moments at the max depth of 38.9 meters.
I was careful to stay close to my buddy Herman realising the importance of a good reliable buddy during any dive but the deep dives especially as having enough air was crucial to safely ascend with the required safety stops.

Once I completed al the required dives, I went to enjoy some fun dives with the guys feom H2O. It was nice to have a larger choice of dive sites available as my personal maximum depth increased.

And at the same time, I naturally got more curious – what is next? What lays below that 40m mark? But that is a different story…

Happy bubbles,

Slava Noor

Remember to always dive safely and seek proper training.

If you come to Dahab, Egypt, I strongly recommend H2O centre for their high safety standards and professionalism

To learn more about different specialties visit the PADI official website

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