Philosophy and Goals

My Philosophy

I believe that while everyone should live their lives to the fullest and treasure every minute of it, women especially need inspiration and empowerment to achieve whatever goals they set. I want to both inspire and give an opportunity to women to get out of their comfort zone and explore the wonderful world around them.

My goalsĀ 

To inspire women to take action in their lives, to start new hobbies, to lead a healthy lifestyle and create a balanced environment around them by organising regular events, trips, competitions and meetings.

To see more girls to start diving, swimming, surfing or whatever else they dream to do but hesitate.

To grow my blog in an organic way and lead the niche of water sports in UAE, becoming a reliable source for anyone willing to try water related activities

To promote adventure while promoting safety


I strongly believe in successful collaboration with brands that offer products and activities that go in tune with what I do. I select them very carefully and only associate my name solely with brands I believe in and can vouch for. At all times I only provide my personal genuine feedback.


Email me if you would like to discuss how we could work together.


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