Pre Trip Pampering @ White Room

Preparing for a vacation is both exciting and exhausting. With all the running around and last minute meetings, I realized I had loads of stress accumulated in my body. My back and shoulders were in so much pain that it would take me hours to fall asleep.


Luckily, I was able to get some pampering right before my trip. I chose White Room at Marina Plaza and booked a massage, a pedicure and eye brow threading.

I was met with a smile and was offered some green tea while waiting a few minutes for the massage room to be prepared.

  The massage guru Manju looks petite yet her hands were quite strong as she worked all the knots in my upper body. I finally felt relaxed and in the mood for my vacation.

 The next to be treated were my feet. Being a tomboy, I often trip and fall from running around like crazy so it is not a surprise that I hurt a few of my toe nails. They looked really sad and clearly needed some loving. 

They were thankful for the gentle treatment they got, especially the bright reddish pink color that made my feet look very glamorous.


The final touch was making sure my eyebrows were clean and neat. Threading takes minutes but results are truly amazing and long lasting! 

After a few hours of pampering I felt so happy and ready to take over the world! I am sure girls will understand.

This picture taken on the island shows exactly how relaxed I am thanks to all the pampering 🙂



Will definitely come back and spoil myself upon my return to Dubai!

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      yes you can fish if you know how! i dont unfortunately! I just observe fish underwater hehe

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      now is the summer there, most days are sunny and the sky is blue, although it does rain sometimes and gets a bit windy. From my experience, forecasts are not very accurate so sometimes it is just merely a gamble (:

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