Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert

My RHCP affair

Anyone who knows me is well aware that i have been a RHCP fan ever since i was a teenager. I actually remember the first time i heard them. I was over at my school friend’s home and “Scar Tissue” played on the radio. I immediately was captivated by Anthony’s voice and my friend Damilya, who was always a good musical expert, told me who they were. Two thirteen year old girls, we were drinking tea, chatting and listening to an American rock band all the way in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Years later I would have Anthony’s posters all over my room(the only man to ever have that honor) and I also carried a folded poster with me at all times. Somehow it reassured me and became my talisman. I was 15 and studied in a language school but it was not the English classes that made me fall in love with the language. I would translate RHCP songs and try to memorize the lyrics. And altho as a teenager born in USSR I could not relate to a lot of songs, I was just happy to sing along, messing up half of the words along the way😭

In 2002 I became the finalist of an exchange program funded by the US government (thanks mom for pushing me❤️) and got a chance to live in the USA for a whole year. It was mind blowing as it was so different from everything I was used to. It was both a beautiful and a difficult experience but most importantly it was life changing. Fast forward a few years and I got a job in Dubai as a translator for an interior design company. I then switched to photography and later to digital marketing.

Fast forward 12 years (all of them spent in Dubai) and my tech diving instructor Jamie tells me he has a ticket for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert in Cairo, at the iconic Egyptian Pyramids. Never in my life I booked the ticket and packed this quick lol.

The concert was indeed a historical event: only the best musicians have an honor to play at the Great Pyramids of Giza and fans flew to Cairo both from other cities in Egypt and around the world.Singer Anthony Kiedis, bass player Michael ‘Flea’ Balzary and drummer Chad Smith join the likes of The Grateful Dead, Scorpions and Frank Sinatra performing at one of the seven wonders of the world.

The stage was done as another Pyramid and looked stunning with the backdrop of the real pyramids. I got to the concert a bit late(thanks to the infamous Cairo traffic) but the event was managed very well with security and volunteers everywhere so getting to the location was easy.

I am still a bad ass rocker

As soon as the concert started, everyone ran closer to the stage, captivated by the tunes. Although there was no alcohol sold at the event, people either came prepared or were simply drunk on music. I lost my friends and ended up meeting another group and before I knew it I was sitting on the shoulders of a guy I just met (hello, phobia of heights) singing along the opening song “Can’t Stop”

It was just so surreal to be there, among so many people who shared the love for the same band. Later I managed to get even closer to the stage and take some shots of Anthony, my teenage crush. Seeing him soooo close was just insane and so magical!

The hardest part was trying to record the concert or take photos as the whole crowd was moving and I kept being pushed. Anyway, I decided just to enjoy my time after making a few more very blurry shots. What I really loved was how everyone was so friendly. I met many new people, including this very good looking pharaoh.

Meanwhile, RHCP sang my favorite “Under the Bridge”, “Californication” and “Dark Necessities” among many other songs from their new album.

The only bummer was that they did not play my all time fav song “Otherside” but I am ready to forgive them hehe. It was an amazing concert and once in a lifetime experience for sure.

Thank you Jaimie for the ticket and hosting me and thank you, Cairo for a great time.

One thought on “Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert

  1. Pete

    Awesome Post Slava! What an experience!!! RHCP is one of my favorites as well. I recently read Anthony’s biography – I’d never realised what a struggle he’d had and yet still created and performed some of the best rock ever made.

    I discovered them when I was 20 and a flatmate brought “Blood Sugar Sex Magic”. We were all snowboarding, surfing, windsurfing, skydiving, skating and mountain biking together and RHCP were the sound track. (Yes we were inspired by “Point Break” 🤣 but that only brought the skydiving into the mix). Whatever we were up to these guys would get us psyched 😀

    Anyway – good times and great post <3

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