Smile of a Woman with Isabelle Noor

As Dubai’s art scene is becoming stronger and more vibrant, more and more artists emerge with their unique style. One of them is Isabelle Noor. I met this bubbly lady very recently and she told me how excited she was to work on her very first exhibition – A Smile of a Woman.

This collection is an ode to the beauty of women around the world. Not the superficial type of beauty, but the one that draws you to  explore the inner world of a woman, layer and layers of her personality and story- which is skillfully shown with layers of photos, paint and other media.

I very much enjoyed the play of colour and texture 

Isabelle Noor's self portrait

Self portrait by Isabelle Noor

Isabelle’s self portrait depicts the village she was born in which has more cows than humans so she had to include them in her story.
Another work features two traditional emarati women wearing the golden burqa  who share one of the most sacred bonds- that of a Mother and a daughter.

Dubai blogger Slava Noor meets artists Isabelle Noor

Isabelle Noor and moi 🙂

I had to wait a little to greet Isabelle personally and take the photo with the star of the night.

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