“The Art Of Pearl Diving” in “Divers for Environment” by EDA

December is an exciting month full of festivities, however the National Day is the most anticipated holiday by the  UAE residents. This is the time we celebrate 44 years of beautiful traditions and culture and I could not be happier to have another article published that shares the art of pearl diving.This is the last issue of this year and features many exciting stories!

You can grab your copy of the magazine at any dive centre across UAE or read it online.Find the article on page 33 and enjoy the read.

Here is a preview of the article and to read a more detailed report see my post on pearl diving in Sir Bani Yas.

"The Art Of Pearl Diving"

“The Art Of Pearl Diving”


15 thoughts on ““The Art Of Pearl Diving” in “Divers for Environment” by EDA

      1. slava_photography@yahoo.com Post author

        Thank you Aamer! hope you enjoy the read and maybe try finding your own pearl at Sir Bani Yas island!

    1. slava_photography@yahoo.com Post author

      indeed it played an important role both for the economy and the culture! Happy you enjoyed the article!

    1. slava_photography@yahoo.com Post author

      great you enjoyed it! Indeed we can learn so much from the rich history of UAE and prowess of the divers back then is truly inspiring!

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