Going Red with The Cure Spa

Time to get a new hair style!

Every woman knows that nothing helps the transformation within as getting a new hair cut or radically changing its color. It helps us to leave the past behind and mark a new beginning. It was high time to nourish both my soul and the hair that had been deeply affected by long days by the sea. It faded in color and became very dry.

I had not done anything with my hair for the last two years and was very excited about the coming change. A bold statement was what i was after as I entered The Cure Spa so the decision was made very quickly – red hair with lighter golden touches.

I was very happy that Julia, the hair stylist understood me very well and I knew I was in good hands.

getting a new hair style at the Cure beauty salon

Waiting patiently to see my new hair

She used Wella Colour touch which made my hair fuller and gave it a beautiful bright red. After waiting for half an hour,  I was excited to see the results. I was not sure i would recognize myself, however the new “me” felt so right!

I was a redhead! Just like Ariel, the mermaid that I adored as a little girl and that started my love for the ocean.

Just like the heroine from the “Brave” who walks on her own path and sets her own rules.

The pink fins get red hair!

Brave, a daredevil  that inspires 🙂

When amore came to pick me up, he told me how it suited me and how beautiful I looked. He then took many pictures to share with our family whats app group. Everyone seemed to be excited and complimented me on the new style. I was over the moon!

It is truly fascinating how transformational my new look was. I could see it in the mirror reflection, as the new “me” painted her lips bright red.

The little braids finished the look, amazing what a transformation small details like that could bring

I could see it in the eyes of the man I love so much as his whole face was lit with love and pride.
But most importantly, I could see it INSIDE of me, cause HEY, I am a redhead and there is nothing a redhead can’t do ❤️

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Stay beautiful and brave,

Slava Noor


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