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Traveling in style is really important to many of my readers and I personally try to plan every detail as well. Why? Simply because I want my vacation to go as smoothly as possible and also care about getting a perfect vacation picture. 
I think of what I will wear ahead and I give a great importance to accessories and the little things like sun screen that I generously use daily in tropical countries. 

One thing that does get to me is packing. I am sure you know what i mean – first you take hours preparing, then hours squeezing it all in. Another issue is finding a suitcase or a travel bag that you can actually recognize on the baggage belt.  You know that feeling, when you just can’t wait to get your luggage and leave and you are still waiting for your luggage, which is BLACK, just like many other bags. This problem disappeared when i discovered Cath Kidston, a London brand that takes inspiration from vintage flower patterns and gives them a modern twist. This travel bag has really made my travel much more comfortable whether i travel to another emarate or fly internationally.

Walking tall in the Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan with my Cath Kidston trolley bag

Walking tall in the Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan with my Cath Kidston trolley bag

Being a hippie at heart, I am really in love with the flower pattern of the bag. 

Another all time favorite is my spring blossom back pack from the same brand. If I go around with my camera, my hands must stay free and all the important accessories, make up and wallet go into my backpack. 

As many of you know, I am a big fan of picnics. While in Dubai, my fiancé and I weekly go for an evening swim and a picnic. 

Organizing food was a bit of a hassle until we got our picnic bag which is both very pretty and very convenient.

 On The second day of Eid we decided to hit the Jumeirah beach instead of celebrating at a crowded mall.

Another must have accessory is a hat. I am so used to wearing a hat in Dubai thanks to the constant heat that I got a small collection of snapbacks and flower hats. 

A good hat can do so much more than just protect you from the sun, too. It can create a new mood and be the much needed accent on your summer look. 

Then of course there are other important accessories like flower crowns. I became addicted to them from the last summer holiday spent in Maldives and they were seen almost on every picture taken then. 

Traveling in style through Maldives

Slava the mermaid

traveling in style and sailing in maldives

A happy sailing moment

Flower crowns just make a vacation shot THE vacation shot to go on your FB profile pic, don’t they?

I love them so much that I ended up making a few for myself and my friends and now you can also get one through my IG @mermaidsgift

These are my traveling in style must have products. What are yours? 

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