Why I Love Scuba Diving

There are many reasons why we start and continue scuba diving and here is my personal list. Hope you enjoy it πŸ’™

1 Meeting fellow adventurists and Ocean lovers. Connecting with like minded people makes diving not just another hobby but an enjoyable lifestyle. I love my new circle of friends, our weekends in the blue and all the adventures we share. Thanks to a huge emphasis on safety in diving, i have developed friends I can count on in every possible way.

2 Challenging myself is another very important Β aspect. Coming from a landlocked country in Central Asia, I only learnt to swim properly in my 20’s on the glorious open beach of Jumeirah, Dubai. I never knew i could become what I have become now even in my wildest dreams simply as it is something rather exotic back in Kazakhstan. It is indeed an exciting and meaningful journey for me.

3 Becoming Ocean’s advocate is also extremely exciting. Whether participating in a local clean up event, joining the Reef Check program or teaching kids about the importance of a healthy Ocean, being the voice of the “Silent World” adds a new exciting dimension to my life.

4 It revolutionized my traveling patterns. As a seasoned urban traveler who frequents large cities, I started to prefer destinations around turquoise waters located which brought me much closer to nature.

5 It is the closest i felt to flying. Yes, i know i am not supposed to use arms and all but I would still do it occasionally imitating my favorite eagle rays. Although underwater, I feel as a free bird that gravity has no power over and this feeling is amaaaaazing!

6 I leant a lot! Diving started an endless chain reaction for more and more fields of interest. Marine biology, oceanography, climate change lured me Β and uncovered depth of exciting facts and stories.

7 It empowered me. During the roughest days on the surface, i remind myself that i am the girl who dives with sharks on a regular basis. I am often the only girl on a boat with all jokes targeted at me and every guy trying to check how tough I am. I am the girl who used to have panic attacks underwater and now i inspire others to get over their fears. Can anything on the surface possibly scare me? I dont think so.

8 It is loads of FUN! Once i’ve mastered my buoyancy and became impartable with my pink fins, diving became my most beloved hobby and a way to spend my weekends and vacations as nothing can beat seeing such graceful animals as sharks, rays and turtles in their natural habitat.

What makes you love scuba diving? Which reasons can you relate to?

Happy bubbles,


21 thoughts on “Why I Love Scuba Diving

  1. Padi diver

    Diving is my life
    Meaning when I dive I’m doing some thing deferent
    Like be in deferent world
    Not everyone can do what I’m doing and I love it like my life
    And be with natural life it’s a mazing

  2. Mohammad Elayyan

    Diving is freedom

    When iam down in the peaceful world looking around and all i could see is beauty means the world to me and its the best thing i ever did and will keep doing it .

    I cant also forget that most of my best friends i met because of this amazing sport.


  3. Haytham Aboulhassan

    Diving became THE most important activity in my life. Half of my time is spent thinking about diving related issues. My DV & DI courses, travel destinations, setting up a dive center, when shall I start my Tec course. It became an addiction.
    Guess what? I learnd how to swim 4 years ago just to start diving!

  4. Alaa

    Scuba diving helps me to get disconnected from the daily routine life! When i am UW my mind completely ignores the conventional worries i keep thinking about on daily bases!
    Such as: Work – Money – Stress ….etc! I feel i have replaced my mind with a brand new one! smile emoticon The complete isolation is what i enjoy UW! I feel i am an astronaut.

  5. Voyager

    Scuba diving seems to be such a liberating experience, and you get to experience a whole new world beneath the water. unfortunately never done Scuba diving, but would love to and waiting for the opportunity.

  6. Kelly Turpin

    I like #5 – flying through the water. Unfortunately I cannot scuba dive due to my asthma but I snorkel a lot. I use to be a snorkel guide on the Great Barrier Reef snorkelling everyday and loved it. I may not be able to snorkel but can dive down 15 metres currently (use to do 20 metres when snorkelled 5-6 days a week). I love to “flap my wings” occasionally while swimming under the water!… the underwater world is amazing! Thanks for you insights.

    1. slava_photography@yahoo.com Post author

      Hi Kelly! What a councidence- i am asthmatic as well. Diving has helped me actually, more Freediving as through breathing exercised i learnt to stay calmer and that would prevent the attacks.

      I love snorkeling too though, great way to explore some areas. And happy that someone else “flaps their wings” too as it feels so liberating

  7. Cathy

    Wow, I have a fear of being underwater and this makes me want to face it even more! I love snorkeling, kayaking and swimming but never learned to swim under water. I avoid it always. I love marine life though and want to see more of it! Cheers to facing your fears!

    1. slava_photography@yahoo.com Post author

      Hi Cathy, thanks for sharing your feelings about diving. I used to freak out big time in the beginning as it is simply unnatural to breath underwater.
      I would recommend to find a very good instructor and do it very gradually. Just remember to be relaxed and have fun! The underwater world is beautiful and you shouldn’t miss out

  8. Nika - nextstopabroad.com

    I am so happy for you, girl! πŸ™‚ I am planning to get myself to South East Asia later this year and one of the key activity I want to do is learning how to scuba dive! Coming from a Central European country (Slovakia) I totally understand how it feels when you don’t have a sea just behind the corner to practice from an early childhood.
    Best of luck to you & your next adventures!

  9. Ali Abdullah

    Exploring is one Endless Passion that i never stop on Deserts Where i live a(KSA) .. Under the Surface is another planter for me .
    so hear i am Working on that baby steps under the water … trying to master my fins moves and other skills ..
    TO go farther with my exploring Passion .

  10. discoape

    This is such an inspiring post – I love the way that scuba has unlocked something in you that you probably didn’t even know existed when you were growing up. Being able to visit the ocean depths gives you a perspective many surface dwellers may never have and thats why becoming Ocean’s advocate is so important.
    I also got that feeling of flying the first time I mastered bouyancy and had a clear openwater dive. Magical πŸ™‚

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