Windsurfing In Dubai

My motto for 2016 is trying everything new and being open to all water sports and activities. No surprise, windsurfing caught my attention and thanks to SeaYou, I had a chance to enjoy a one on one class on the beach of Sofitel hotel, Palm Jumeirah.

The class started with my instructor, Jamie, naming different parts of the boat and sail as well as telling me how to get on the board and pull the sail up .Easier said than done, yet i tried to do my best in following his detailed instructions.


One of the most important aspects of windsurfing is finding the balance. Yes, I know, it sounds very New Age or Kung Fu Panda like, but it is absolutely essential to find the balance and move very slowly and calmly…Else physics do their magic and you fall into the water in the most fun and ungraceful manner 🙂



Falling into the water is a big part of learning

Repeat that dozens of times and you get a really nice nose and mouth rinsing and a better sense of balance. “Don’t stick your bum out” was a phrase I heard a lot that day too which is one of the best advice ever if you want to avoid having loads of backspain after the windsurfing session.


“Why do I keep on falling down?”

Once I managed to stand on board and have some kind of control of the sail, I quickly got the idea of how fast I was moving as it was a rather windy hour. I felt a bit scared yet extremely excited to be moving on my own, this is when i ran all the way into the rope and had to wait for help to get away from it. windsurfing-0252


About half the class through, Jamie decided I was ready to go further away from the beach where I could sail freely. It felt good knowing he was near on a rescue boat in case I needed any help.


By that time I was pretty comfortable and really enjoyed the “play time”. I still could not do any of the fancy manoeuvres, yet the skills I already had were enough to choose the direction and control how fast I was going.



When I was getting tired, I enjoyed a short break sitting on the board and getting my breath back, preparing for the next attempt.



I was still very far away from perfect and would lose the control of the sail from time to time, but I was happy to be able to pull it right back all by myself without any help at all.  I find pulling the sail quite challenging as it requires quite a bit of strength but it is easier achieved with a proper posture-having my back straight and using my entire body to help get it up.


Windsurfing is both fun and exhausting. It is indeed a great workout for the entire body and I feel the pleasurable pain throughout my body as I am writing this post. I got multiple bruises on my legs from jumping too quickly on the board yet it is all a fair payoff for the endless pleasure of conquering the waves, even for a short while and becoming one with the ocean.


If you want to try windsurfing, make sure you find a professional center and instructor to ensure your safety at all times. I highly recommend SeaYou for their expertise and professionalism, if you want to know more about the classes they offer check out their website

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