My Work Out Goals

I have finally decided it is time to join a good gym to get myself in a better shape. Although I lead a very active lufestyle filled with water sports like diving, windsurfing, kayaking and SUP, I feel a good work out will greatly benefit my quality of life.

From my experience to make the most of all the time spent in the gym, I need to set clear goals and create a game plan according to it.

So what are my goals?

Getting stronger.

Getting the sail up while windsurfing or paddling for hours may get very exhausting so core strength can really help my weekend activities.

Strengthening my back muscles.

The reason why this is a separate issue is that I often suffer from severe back pains and it runs in the family- my Mommy says if i dont work on it now ill suffer even more later. I am planning to focus on this area and make it clear to the instructor so he can share the best practices.

Shaping that body.

Although im very grateful to Mother Nature and my parents for the body I have, there is room for perfection. Or at least trying to get there. As I am approaching my thirties, i am getting softer around the edges and that is not acceptable. Special focus to abs, tighs and derriere.


Spending loads of hours sitting in from of the computer is really damaging my posture. It will be good to develop it by exercising and being more aware of standing and walking straight as that is one of the signs of a inner strengths.



Apart from the physical benefits I am also after working on my character
– Getting disciplined in my training, diet and other aspects of my life
– Embracing pain. Learning to get out of the comfort zone and not allow the pain to scare me and limit my boundaries is essential if I want to succeed in anything. Make pain my ally im achieving tbe goals.

I am doing all of this in combination with my Raw diet to ensure i get the results i am after.

I am planning to combine different types of work out to keep it fun and engaging: MMA, boxing and a bit of cardio.

Ill am training at X Fit by Fitness First in Media City, check out this website to learn more about the gym and group classes.



I will be writing another post in a month sharing the progress of one month.

What is your work out like and what are you after?

2 thoughts on “My Work Out Goals

  1. discoape

    Sounds like you are starting out right. It’s really good to get your core strength up especially when you spend a lot of time in front of a computer. I think your goals are great – good luck 🙂

    1. Slava Noor Post author

      Thank you Pete, indeed we should all be a bit more active. I think gym together with outdoor activities and sensible eating will bring good results

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