Discovering Yas Marina

Sunny Day @Yas Marina

Sunny Day @Yas Marina

Last weekend I was invited to discover some of the water activities that Yas Marina has to offer.   I have been to the island and the marina many times before, mainly for the nightlife so it was quite curious to discover it from a new angle. Now it has so much more to offer, welcoming visitors to enjoy the boating life, have a unique dining experience and try new water sports.

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As I was physically exhausted from my extensive windsurfing training the previous week, I decided to take it easy and start the day with trying out the tube. It does not strike as the most exciting thing to do but it is actually both very fun and relaxing.

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This is something that the whole family can do-kids love it, parents enjoy it just as much. My amore had loads of fun as well as we were making bets who would fly off the tube first. It was also quite refreshing, wind and water splashes all around me!

yas web-0529

Endless joy, as you can see on this shot 🙂

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The next activity was kayaking. To be completely honest, I have a very interesting relationship with this sport. It is not one of my top favourites yet I enjoy kayaking when a good view is offered. For me it is all about what I can see around myself. Unlike the natural scenery of the famous mangrove forests in Abu Dhabi or rich coral reefs in Maldives where I normally go kayaking, Yas Marina offers a completely different experience.

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Luxury dream-like boats in the harbour and edge cutting architecture stimulate imagination and impress with the grandeur. It is pretty cool to see the boats from a different, lower angle and get so close to them.

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Kayaking in one of the world’s top destinations is indeed a very surreal experience! yas web-0614

It is also a great workout for the upper body, which makes this experience even more rewarding! After an hour or so I got tired and we went to get some lunch, happily chatting about our adventures. Next time i hope to try wake boarding and kitesurfing so need to schedule another trip back to the island 🙂

Have you tried kayaking? What do you think about this water sport?

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7 thoughts on “Discovering Yas Marina

  1. Natalya

    All your photos are bright and sunny! You are so brave girl and spend your time very interesting! I wish you continued success!

  2. Svetlana

    Water sport its for brave and strong people, i like katamaran and banana))) Great photos, hope you enjoy your time so much!!!

    1. Slava

      Thank you Svetlana! Im sure you are much braver than you think, dont underestimate yourself! On the 8th of April they have a watersports day at Yas Marina so come and give it a go 😀

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